Canadians might not be the sports aficionados we thought they were.

  • Less than 50% know that Canada is hosting the Pan Am Games
  • Only 60% of Canadians are aware of the Women Soccer World Cup event
  • 3 out of 4 Canadians haven’t purchased any sports publications or sports related equipment in the past 6 months


July 1st, 2015 – While Canadians have an enduring love affair with Hockey (54% follow the game), their passion for sports generally seems to be rather cool. On average, Canadians follow only two sports and almost 1-in-3 follows none at all.

Although sports may not be a hit with all Canadians, one would think locally hosted international events would spike dormant patriotism. But, according to a TNS Canada survey deployed by Lightspeed GMI, this is not the case. Neither the FIFA Women’s World Cup nor the Pan Am Games attracted the interest of more than 50% of Canadians during the period leading up to each event.

Undoubtedly, some of this has to do with lack of basic awareness. Just a week prior to the start of the FIFA Women’s Soccer World Cup in Canada, only 1-in-3 Canadians spontaneously recalled the soccer tournament, and a meager 1-in-5 recollected the Pan Am Games as a sporting event taking place in 2015.

Results are slightly better once a cheat sheet is offered. Optimists might see this as a glass half full, with 3-in-5 indicating awareness of the 2015 Women’s World Cup, and about one-half recalling the Pan Am Games. By way of comparison, a minority of Canadians (43%) claimed awareness of the Formula 1 Canada Grand Prix when prompted, even though the event has taken place annually since 1978!

In Ontario, the host province of the Pan Am Games, expressions of interest are jaw-dropping – only 29% of Ontarians appear interested in following the event. In the rest of Canada, the numbers plummet to 11% in the Atlantic Provinces, 17% in Quebec and 17% in the West.

Despite the rise of digital media sources, television emerges as the most popular medium for watching the Games among those who intend to do so (36%), followed by newspapers and and digital media (tied at 12% each). As might be expected, the younger the followers, the more connected they are, with 20% of those 18-to-34 years following via digital media. This drops to 8% among those between 45 and 64 years of age.

Regardless of the outcome of either competition from a pure sporting standpoint, three quarters of Canadians believe that hosting international sports events represents “a great way for other countries to discover our cities and regions.” And many (46%) look forward to a celebratory atmosphere, anticipating “a great time ahead for fun and parties.”

Would the party and the fun be affected by the recent saga at the FIFA top command level? A large majority believe Sep Blatter should immediately resign his leadership position (76%), while only 11% would now welcome the man in Canada during a FIFA event.

Enjoy the games, on the field, as ultimately – that is what matters!


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