Lightspeed GMI Social Pulse: Capturing Reaction to the Lowering of the Confederate Flag

Warren, NJ (July 13, 2015) – As the flag was lowered Friday at the South Carolina Capitol building, a Lightspeed GMI Social Pulse captured in-the-moment reaction from Americans. This poll* is part of Election in Context, an ongoing tracking study using the Context social intelligence tool** to track US Presidential candidate fanship through their Facebook fans.

Overall, 49% of all Americans polled thought the Confederate flag should be removed from government buildings. Of that group, 80% think it’s OK for the flag to be displayed in museums.

Interestingly, about half Republican and Democratic 2016 Presidential candidate Facebook fans agree that the flag should come down. Conversely, 48% of Democratic candidate Facebook fans and 49% of Republican candidate Facebook fans felt the flag should be, “allowed to be flown anywhere.” The post-event reaction captured with this pulse poll may be indicative of a trend alluded to by CNN in June that overall, the flag is seen more widely as a symbol of Southern pride than one of discrimination.

Where party fans differed most was in the opinion on whether the flag should be removed altogether or memorialized in a museum. Among Facebook fans of Democratic candidates, 16% support the flag removed everywhere, and only 11% fans of Republican candidates agree. 80% of Republican candidate fans feel the flag should be removed but displayed in a museum, a 15% point increase over Democratic candidate fans.

* Pulse poll conducted July 10, 2015 on Lightspeed GMI’s US Mobile Panel of Context panelists; 185 respondents.

** Through its social intelligence product Context, Lightspeed GMI is able to help build more holistic view of audiences and brand fans by combining Facebook ‘Likes,’ survey data and profiling data. To learn more about Context visit

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