Holiday Mobile Pulse Survey Shows Preference for Hugs

Before your guests arrive for Christmas brunch, brush up on your social etiquette rules. A survey of Lightspeed GMI U.S. mobile panelists revealed less than 15% of Americans want a kiss from family members and even less (4%) want a kiss from a friend or co-worker (1%). The study also revealed the opposition to physical contact at social settings; 72% of respondents opt for a simple hello or handshake at holiday parties.

Additional findings include:2015 Holiday Mobile Survey

  • Females want to avoid physical contact with co-workers at their holiday parties with 59% preferring only a holiday greeting; males prefer handshakes (45%).
  • Overall, respondents shy away from ‘shoulder pats’ as a holiday greeting in all situations.
  • 22% of both men and women prefer no physical contact with friends – a ‘hello’ or ‘happy holidays’ greeting is sufficient.
  • 71% of female friends prefer to hug, but only 45% of males hug their buddies.

Note to editors: Survey conducted December 2015 on Lightspeed GMI Mobile Panel; 1,140 respondents age 18+.

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